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Call Today for a Complimentary Consultation and Website Bid.*

A bid is our guarantee of the maximum price you will pay for your Website, along with a due date of completion.

You may use the Pricing Calculator to get an idea of the price range for your Website.

After we speak with you we will review your needs and provide you with an itemized bid (usually within two business days). Bids are itemized so you can see exactly how much time/cost each area of development requires. Bids are provided in excel formats allowing potential clients to add and remove items based on need, budgetary and time constraints. We never submit a whole package or nothing solution. We realize your needs may change between bid submission and acceptance, we therefore make the bidding process as flexible as possible. Most bids are valid for 30 days (longer if requested). Giving your firm plenty of time to review other competitive options.

To provide the highest quality service, we work from a "first down payment receipt" basis and never take on more work than we can handle. Therefore providing us with bid feedback, before the bid expiration date, is important to insure we can meet projected completion deadlines. Three months is the longest a new client has had to wait for us to begin work on their Website project.

In some emergency site rescue or other cases the entire bidding process to actual start time has been delivered with same day turn around.

What to Expect When You Call.

Below is a brief outline of some of the questions we will be asking you to determine the bid price for your Website.

Do you have a Website already? If so do you need it updated, redesigned, enhanced or modified?

Provide some visual example of what you want your Website to look like. This could be in electronic format, a drawing, or a cut and paste hard copy. We can also design the look and feel of your Website, keeping your current brochure-ware and input in mind.

Will you need photography or other graphic images?

Will you be providing all the verbiage in electronic format for every page or do you need copy writing assistance?

Choose three Websites that you admire. Choose some Websites in your industry and other Websites you like.

What color scheme do you want?

Will you require any online forms such as contact or order forms? If so list them.

Will you want email notification for your forms?

Will you need online form validation? (This means if your online form asks for an email, the form will check for an email type format and so on.) Form validation is a way for your company to limit the number of online for submissions, by insuring your clients or potential clients provide you with the information you want.

If you plan to host the Website what are your server requirements/preferences? (Linux or Microsoft)

What are your future plans for the Website?

Will you be providing the Meta tag key words should you want them? (These are key words that will help users find your Website when using some search engines) Not as many search engines use Meta Tag keyword data, but for now it can't hurt including them.

Will you need private password protected areas for your Website? If so describe.

Do you have any database type information you want customers/users to access and search? This could be your products or services listings.

Will you require database connectivity? If so do you already have a database (SQL, access, etc.)

Will you want administrative pages that you can change, update or delete yourself? If so describe.

Do you require a company slogan?

Do you require a company logo?

What is your Website completion target due date?

How many Web pages will you need? List them. (examples: home page, contact page, etc.)

Do you want a slide show?

Will you require an email account?

Will your Website require video or sound file capability?

* The bid preparation and initial consultation costs will be included in the consulting/client-meetings section of the bid. This is usually 20% - 30% of the overall price depending on the number of individuals involved and the complexity of the Web project. Should you choose not to hire MartinasWeb.com then there is no charge for the bid preparation time or the initial consultation.

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