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Additional Offerings
Clients Have Asked and We Have Responded with These Additional Services.

Custom Website Design and Development Services / Photography and Image Editing Services

German to English Translation Services

If you require German to English translations please contact MartinasWeb.com for pricing. We have provided German to English translation language services and/or Websites for
Accento The Language Company
Sandra Kurka

What follows is a sample German physics document with English translation:
Original German
English Translation German

A good online word by word translation source is Leo.org

Gebrauchte Deutsche Bücher Zu Verkaufen
Used German Books For Sale

Time / Billing Software

If you require Time/Billing software please contact MartinasWeb.com for information and pricing.

Off-Line Database Applications

If you require an off-line/non Web based database applicaton please contact MartinasWeb.com for information and pricing.

Below are a few of our past off-line projects.

Governmental Airport Security Project
This database project was a tiny part of a big U.S. governmental initiative to improve airport security after the September 11th terrorist attacks. The database contained various confidential airport data. Input and output forms/reports were created and some queries under extremely tight time constraints. It was very exciting to be a part of something so important to the country.

This database application looked up product price quotations given by company engineers, and printed current record information. Until then no system had been set in place to easily retrieve such AS400 information. Engineers would simply spend hours wading through years of old quotations. This application insured equitable treatment for all quotations and allowed data analysis to be performed.

The goal of this database application was to completely revamp the DesignAire product pricing structure to form one common multiplier per product for all the representatives and to simplify the placement of future Internet orders and then pass this methodology on to the other company brand names. Also, to insure competitors and product representatives were unaware of the product prices and to save on reprinting of product catalogs when prices changed. In the current pricing system, each representative was given a multiplier, this multiplied by the published catalog list price determined the products actual cost to the representative. This database application queried the AS400 systems multiplier data by representative, product, size and style and then dumped it into MS Access. Queries, tables and reports were created to assist in data analysis. A cost benefit analysis showing that the use of my new multipliers would increase sales by $85,000.00 in a given year, an added bonus for a company with sales historically being 1.3 million.

Quarterly Sales Tracking
This application looked up sales data for statistical and marketing analysis purposes. The reports generated by this application insured adequate product price and positioning.

This database application allowed the quoting of non-standard products and included a pricing calculator, input and output form/report generation. This saved time and reduced errors and standardized the SPR procedures. Previous SPR's were manually calculated with no forms or consistently updated pricing information standards.

Price Comparison
This database application retrieved AS400 pricing information for all of the ASC brand products based on any number of varying product specific information. This was used for company statistical analysis and to assist in product placement and pricing.

Automated the DesignAire and Titus buyout system by creating queries in AS400 and then dumping data, via an ODBC connection, into an Access Database. This automation application included input and output form/report generation, and allowed for easy data retrieval and analysis.

This internal Access database application matched competitive products based on engineering submittal drawings. This allowed company engineers to find competitive product matches at the click of a button. This new breakthrough application saved the engineering departments time and improved productivity and accuracy.

All Things Considered Three-Minute Fiction Contest Submissions

Being disappointed at the writing submissions for round 11ís three minute fiction contest and not getting confirmation from the show that each submission is truly read by a real person, I have included my past submissions below. Enjoy.

Dropped and Found

We camped overnight, right on the trail fork intersection, hoping a goodnights sleep would jog our memories or a chance encounter, with a fellow hiker, would tell us which trail, the blue blazes or the pink blazes, we should take to make the 5 day loop back to the trailhead.

It was day four of our backpacking vacation. A trip planned in detail months in advance. We did this yearly. We were pros, so experienced that Rich was becoming disenchanted with the water hunts, sand storms, bear encounters and other hardships that come with wilderness camping. When the park ranger mailed one trail map instead of two, we thought, "Great, weíre rarely apart, just saved weight and bulk".

On day one of our hike, we saw a beaver in the evening gliding like a stealth fighter plane, quietly, almost wave-less in the water. Itís a rare treat seeing a beaver. In the morning he was going the opposite direction (like driving to work and back).

Day two, first hardship, Rich lost the gps phone during our river crossing. Swimming after it would have been too dangerous.

Day three was spent hiking and camping along the river. There is nothing like a river camp out listening to the riverís serenade. It was during the riverís song that Rich confessed he couldnít find the trail map. It was a huge color fold-out topographical trail map. It was so detailed, so important, so gone and lost forever, the second hardship.

During yesterdayís trek we didnít discuss the phone or map. Weíve been together long enough to not let human frailties ruin the expedition. You apologize, mean it and keep hiking lifeís trail together.

You know morningís arrival in a tent, not by first light, but by bird songs suddenly audible in darkness. They begin with one chirp and then orchestral brightness, my favorite time.

Itís now day four, at the fork in the trail, hardship 3.

I quietly closed my backpack when I heard Rich unzip the tent door, he likes sleeping in. "So Brook, did you dream in blue or pink last night?"

"No dreams." I said "You?"


"Got an idea though."

"Shoot, Iíve just been losing things."

"Well, both trails go north with bridges, switch-backs, and are slowly separated by the valley between. So the compass doesnít help figure out which trail weíre on soon enough. The chances of taking the wrong trail are too high, not enough food or time. I suggest certainty, by hiking out the way we came."

"Gee Brook, Iíd say youíre prolonging the 5 day camping trip you promised me into a 7 dayíer."

"Camping here cost us a day."

"I know" Rich agreed.

"Iíve so enjoyed being here with you, despite everything. Forgive me for that."

"Forgive? Can I finally get that crazy expensive top of the line navigator, smartphone to replace the crappy one lost to the riverís rage?"


"Awesome, ĎCertainty-Trailí here we come."

Our last night is a moonless one. With Rich sleeping in the tent, I watch the map I found by the river burning in the campfire, I kept it long enough, for security. Just a few glorious hours of morning hiking and this yearís adventure will be over.

Rich at home phoning a friend:

"So Rich, missed you last week. Extend your trip, did ya?"

"Accidentally, I lost our trail map."

"Dude, compass, gps?"

"Long story, Iím getting that new gps smartphone though."

"Wow! Howíd you manage to talk Brook into that?"

"Simple, by dropping the old one in the river."

Control Alt Delete

She closed the book, placed it on the table, and finally, decided to walk through the door. The door could only be accessed by walking up several flights of stairs, or so her book said. As she took the first step up she could hear her mother sobbing uncontrollably.

"Adel, Please! Thereís no turning back" her father yelled. "Look at what youíre doing to your mother". She continued climbing. With each step her heart beat faster and faster. Her sweaty hands slipped on the hand railing. She fell. Her father ran toward her but was stopped by the door keepers, "No touching or stepping beyond the line, you know the rules".

She got up without looking back at her father, doing so would make her loose her nerve. She wiped her sweaty hands onto her uniform, "What am I doing?" she thought. "All of your older friends chose not to walk through the door. Why?" one more step up. "Why?" another.

The stairs stopped briefly, to allow a left turn. This would be the last time she could look back unless she changed her mind. She made the turn and continued the assent and then a right turn, relieved that the temptation to look back and see her parents was gone. Looking back now she would only see the dark walls of the stairwell, leading back down to the familiar, to love, to her life.

She couldnít hear mother anymore. External noises numbed and muffled by the throbbing of her head. She quickened her pace, knowing there was a time limit to reach the door, but not knowing exactly how long she had. It didnít matter anyway, she lost track of time. Each step could be taking a second or an hour. She just couldnít tell anymore.

Ahead the stairs stopped again, turning instead into a hallway. She saw a light in the hallway, the path forward blinded by the illumination. She continued walking, straight ahead, down the hall, toward the light. As she approached it, she saw a big glass wall. Sheíd never seen that before. There were no windows in her world. She could see her best friend Mary standing in a room on the other side of the glass. She couldnít hear Mary, but she was clearly saying, "No! No! No!" her arms stretched toward her begging her not to continue. Begging her to turn back to the life she knew.

Adel quickly walked past, knowing this was just another attempt to keep her from reaching the door. As the light behind her faded, she once again saw the stairs leading up. She was running now. Running up and up and up. Skipping stairs. Just climbing and climbing higher and higher. Then she saw the door. She stopped. Disappointed she couldnít take her treasured book.

She had heard about "The Door" all her life. If only one could see what was on the other side and still be allowed to come back, but it was a one way door. She reached with a trembling hand at the knob and began to turn it and walked through.

Light. Light. There was so much light. She felt a book placed in her hands, the same size and shape as her old book. It comforted her. "Hereís a new one" a gentle voice told her. "Whatís it say?" Adel asked. "Nothing, the pages are blank. For the first time you get to write your own story." Adel couldnít hear anything else. She fell to the floor still clutching her new book, to her new life.

Digital Divide

|To be listed on the first page of search-engine rankings press 1. To be removed from this list press 2.

|Hey there sexy, sorry I missed you. Just wanted to let you know Iím here. Be quiet! Sorry about that. B.J. the bird is squawking too loud again.

|Hi Precious. Thereís a package for you outside your front door. Enjoy!

|Fabulous new dress; red is definitely your color! I canít wait to see you at the "Black Tie" dinner-party, company merger celebration thing. I love you. Oh, B.Jís been wobbling on his perch. Heís either drunk or really sick. See, I can be funny.

|Precious, why is your online profile status "Single"? Iím calling too much arenít I? I think B.J.ís on his death bed, havenít heard a tweet out of him. You looked beautiful at the "Black Tie" and the black choker around your neck was crazy sexy.

|Hi, this is Cindy Smith with BuyOnlineFromARealPerson.com. I like personally contacting everyone who wants a refund. For my records, I wanted to know the reason youíre returning the red evening gown. It looks worn. Let me know. Thanks

|B.Jís dead. I found out after we got back from the grocery store. I mean, after I saw you at the grocery store, looked like you were having bad day. Itís so quiet without B.J. I have no distractions now. He drove me crazy with his incessant useless chatter, but now that heís gone, I miss him. I would miss you if you were gone. I promise to take better care of you.

|Iím so lonely without B.J. What were you doing at that club? How can I take care of you if you insist on going to places like that. I donít like it. I canít take much more.

Dialing, Ringtone
The number you have reached has been disconnected Ö

|Itís Rob, like whatís going on? I had to spend 23 minutes online to track down your new number. If I didnít know any better, Iíd say you donít want me calling. Look, itís fine if you want to be "Single" online. Iím over it. Iím over B.J. being dead too. Now saying youíre 10 years younger than you are isnít cool, but I donít care about our age difference. I know, what we have is real.

|Precious Jackson, I canít believe you tried to delete your online profile! You know that doesnít work. They keep that stuff forever.

|Iím sorry, I know I crossed the line going into your house while you were at work. I only turned all the pictures of you upside down to get your attention. Iím under a lot of stress here. You didnít have to call the cops. I would never hurt you, like B.J. I love you.

|This is a courtesy call from PrivateProtection Inc. your new home monitoring security system has been successfully installed. We show, this is the number to call in an emergency. Please visit us online to update your information if needed.

|You have a collect call from Rob Parker at Prosper County Correctional Institution, would you like to accept the charge?

|This is John Brown with the Prosper Police Department. It looks like Mr. Rob Parker was aware of your movements due to hacking your computer, monitoring your cell-phone and online browsing. At least he wonít be bothering you anymore. Stop by and pick up the official police report or download it any time.

To be listed on the first page of search-engine rankings press 1. To be removed from this list press 2.


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