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Quick Cost Effective Quality Solutions For You.

Our Entire Business Model Focuses on Keeping Your Costs Low.

MartinasWeb.com is a smaller privately held business, serving clients since 2002. MartinasWeb.com provides custom quality Web and database solutions to busy professionals inexpensively.

In 2004 digital photography was added to our service offerings, since many of our Web clients needed photography as part of their Website development solution.

We have never lost a bid due to a competitor providing a similar lower cost product solution.

We keep costs low by implementing the following business principles:

[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  We don't hire customer service reps so when you call you will reach
   Martina Kolm or another developer. We're available 247 (but call after hours).
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  We only sell what you need. Anything extra is clearly defined as an optional item.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  You choose the level of service you want.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Save our technology, we are a no frills company. We intend to WOW you with
   our service so no extravagant trips, dinners, furnishings or dress codes here.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  A very low advertising budget, means less cost for you. Unlike most
   companies we do NOT spend 10% of our budget on fancy advertising. We rely
   mostly on word of mouth, client retention and online advertising to bring
   in new business.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  You are billed for the exact time we work on your project, not for breaks. We
   do not round our billable hours up, but track our time to the second.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Our environmentally friendly "paperless as possible" philosophy means less
   overhead, product packaging, and storage. Electronic billing and other such uses of
   technology translates to better efficiency and lower costs to our customers. When
   possible, we use solar energy to charge all our camera batteries and other battery
   operated equipment.
[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]  Our relationships are built on earned trust and honesty. This is important
   since clients may be dealing with unfamiliar technologies. Sometimes the best
   solution is for a client to stay status
quo or give MartinasWeb.com ftp access to
   solve a problem quickly instead of redesigning a whole new Web application.

   In the age of out-sourcing, Social Media Apps., CMS's, Cloud Computing and other
   technologies, we provide a personalized touch that's hard to find elsewhere.
   You're not a number. We need you to stay in business. Please call today.

Our Mission

We are trying to save the Web from becoming one giant content management system (CMS) owned by a few mega firms, therefore all sites are unique and custom made with the sole focus being your needs & budget.

About the Founder and President

Martina Kolm was born in Germany and earned a Physics Degree from Southern Methodist University. She also holds two Associate Degrees from North Lake College in Management and Arts & Science. All colleges are located in the Dallas, Texas area.

Upon graduation from SMU she was an Introduction to Programming instructor and then an Application Engineer. She then left the corporate world to start her own business focusing on Web and database development. Digital photography was added to the business model upon the realization that no other Web development company, she knew of at the time, offered this combination of creativity, technology and service.

[MartinasWeb.com Website Image]

Commercial Website Design, Hosting, Database Development & Photography for Businesses since 2002.
Copyright 2001- MartinasWeb.com All rights reserved. Located in Dallas / Ft.Worth, Texas.
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